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There’s not many companies that can say the boss literally put his butt on the line to prove his product’s safety, but Draggin Jeans can.

Founder of the iconic Motorbike Apparel Draggin, Grant Mackintosh tested the limits when he snuck off to the Calder racetrack to literally, be dragged along the asphalt wearing a pair of his jeans, but in doing so he put his money where his mouth was, and proved to the world of manufacturing, that Draggin Jeans were everything he declared them to be. 

Today, Draggin Jeans has a strong foothold in the international market and the company has gained great respect amongst retailers and motorcycle riders around the world.

Back then, in the not too distant 1990’s, Grant Mackintosh was a jean manufacturer who was determined to introduce a high-safety jean that riders could wear with confidence on their motorcycles.

It took years of testing and research for Grant to find just the right recipe.

Grant is still focused on the search to fine tune an already incredible recipe. “I continue to learn about the science of the product, and further develop the most technically advanced motorcycle jeans in the world,” Grant says.

The initial drag test - the visual of a young Grant Mackintosh being tied to the back of a Holden, via his feet and increasing speed a ten kilometres increments is hard to shake…as is the picture of an alarmed family at home.

The jeans performed remarkably, and the boss was ok. “I got up to 100 kilometres an hour,” says Grant. Grant Mackintosh repeated his incredible feat a few times during that early Draggin era, before a stunt man was called in for the honors in subsequent testing.

But back to the jeans.  And from those early moments of pure Aussie madness, Draggin Jeans are now the only CE Approved jeans in the world. CE or Conformité Européenne, translates to European Conformity’ and is a universally recognised symbol of product quality and durability.

During the stringent CE testing, the Draggin C-Evo Jean was put through its paces to replicate the same abrasion and impact experienced during a motorbike rider’s accident. It passed all the tests and exceeded.

But let’s take a closer look at the jeans themselves and what makes them the ‘awe’ of every man and woman with a bike.

The science behind the jeans is all in the lining. The lining is knitted in a particular way that the loop of the weave faces the road.  What that means, is that when the rider is sliding, during an off, the knit of the fabric acts to dissipate the heat away from the body.  It slows you down so that you don’t get as much friction and thus minimises injury.

It’s that lining that represents a revolution in fibre technology using DuPont™ KEVLAR®, the ROOMOTO™ lining is soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic.

The products are manufactured under the strictest quality control, are constructed with high quality natural fibres and are lined along all major crash points.

Everyone in the company is committed to making jeans that are protective. We make jeans for the riders and our passion is significant. Grant’s ethos has always been to enhance the pleasure and safety of motorcycling,”

We chose to focus on safety and confidence. We’ve made a promise to never compromise on safety. That choice has brought great return and the accolades gain momentum each year.



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