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No body armour or Draggin Jeans clothing can protect the user from all forseeable impacts or abrasions.

Draggin Jeans P/L shall not be liable for injury, loss or damage resulting directly or indirectly, from their use.

Knox back protectors are designed only to be worn under suitable Motorcycle Clothing.

The Draggin Jeans "Drag test" was performed by professional stuntmen under controlled conditions and it should not be attempted at home.

Draggin Jeans will not be liable any damages or injury should any person suffer any loss or damage or sustain any injury by performing the Draggin Jeans "Drag Test".

Drayko is our US brand.  Any goods that are shipped to the US, Central and South America will be branded Drayko.

Draggin Jeans can not sell any goods/products with the Word Mark (Draggin Jeans) into the US, Central and South America.




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