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About Us

What we stand for:

We protect skin.
We believe you shouldn’t compromise style for safety.
Riding should be done with the feeling of freedom.
Enjoy your ride, put Draggin between you and the road.
We are Draggin.
Since 1997

The Draggin Tale - Who are Draggin Jeans?

For two decades Draggin have been the pioneers of motorcycle jeans. The Draggin difference is that these jeans are tried and tested by science and by owner. CEO Grant Mackintosh proved the true potential of the Draggin apparel by having himself dragged behind the back of a motorcycle. This action and passion for the product gained international respect for him and the company.

A message from Grant Mackintosh – Inventor, Founder & CEO

“Everyone in the company is committed to making jeans that are protective.
We make jeans for the riders and our passion is significant. My ethos has always been to enhance the pleasure and safety of motorcycling.

We chose to focus on safety and confidence. We’ve made a promise to never compromise on safety. That choice has brought great return and the accolades gain momentum each year.
Over the last twenty years, the Draggin jean has become a must-have for any biker...and now it is also the must-have for the fashion conscious rider. Making a jean with style for those who want more than just to protect their assets is now also a priority.
Our legendary Draggin researchers with over 100 years of combined motorcycling R&D experience are applying unique Draggin methods to capitalize on every bit of our apparel knowledge and with our access to global resources we will continue to pioneer the industry and I am so proud that the Draggin story continues.”

The Revolutionary Lining

Performance Lining

Draggin RooMoto™ puts a unique knitted mesh of the world’s toughest fibres between you and the road – doubly protecting your hide from surface damage.

RooMoto™ lining uses military grade + DuPont Kevlar® to form its core and Dyneema®, the World's Strongest Fiber™. The lining is soft, breathable, flexible and non-allergenic.

We know that for real safety you need genuine ingredients. At Draggin we believe in total product performance. That’s why Draggin Jeans sources only genuine DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber. And in recognition of our performance Draggin is honoured with the title Preferred Licensee of DuPont™ Kevlar®.

The products are lined along all major crash points and deliver unrivalled safety, resilience and comfort.


Believe the hype - Our Awards:

  • DuPont Award - One of 50 best products in the Kevlar 50th Anniversary. Draggin is the first licensee to use the DuPont Kevlar Licensee Logo in the motorcycle jeans category and now is the first motorcycle company to receive the products award.
  • Red Dot Award - Draggin has been awarded 3 of the world’s leading industrial design and innovation awards.
  • German Design Council Award - Draggin is proud to announce this year we are receiving the “Best of the Best Award.
  • Harley Davidson - Chosen manufacturing partner of protective motorcycle jeans for Harley Davidson worldwide since 2014.
  • Honda - In another winning moment, Draggin was chosen by Honda to produce branded riding jeans featuring an embroidered Honda logo and custom stitching for the Australian market.




Product Testing

Drag Test

Draggin Jeans boss Grant Mackintosh literally puts his arse on the line to prove the mettle of his products.
Acknowledging the importance of independent assessment, Draggin Jeans also subjects itself to the stringent European CE Tests.
Draggin Jeans Products PASS the important Abrasion, Burst and Tear tests traditionally applied to road and race leathers.
No other casual motorcycle brand comes close to meeting these strict standards.



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